English 12

General Information and Materials:

English SOLS–Grade 12

English 12 Syllabus

Literary Elements PPT

Archetypes in Literature

Independent Reading Project Information:

English 12 Independent Reading Project

Book Report and Summary Form for Reading Choice 1

Book Report Form and Summary for Reading Choice 2

Project List for Independent Reading

More Ideas for Book Projects

Even More Ideas for Book Projects

Independent Reading Project Rubric

Quote Project Assignment and Information:

Quote Analysis Project

Easy Bib

Resume Project Assignment and Information:

Résumé Project Requirements

Introduction to and Expectations for Resumes

Vocabulary Information and Assignments:

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 1

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 2

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 3

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 4

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 5

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 6

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 7

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 8

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 9

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 10

English 12 Vocabulary Lesson 11

Beowulf Information and Assignments:

Beowulf PPT

Anglo-Saxons Intro (in study packet)

Beowulf Lines 1-16 in Old English (in study packet)

Beowulf Lines 1-16 in Modern English (in study packet)

Beowulf Intro Notes (in study packet)

Beowulf Study Guide (in study packet)

Beowulf–Character Chart (in study packet)

Literary Elements for Beowulf (in study packet)

Beowulf:  An Online Study Guide

Beowulf Projects

Shmoop: Beowulf

Research Paper and Presentation Assignment Information and Materials:

English 12 Research Paper Assignment

Research Paper PPT

Plagiarism PPT

Research Persuasive Topics

More Persuasive Research Topics

101 Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing Persuasive Essays

Source Card and Note Card Templates–in study packet

Thesis Statement Information

Guide to Writing Thesis Statements

A Guide to Writing Your Introduction Paragraph

Persuasive Introductory Paragraph Review

Introduction and Conclusion Information

Creating Persuasive Attention Getters

Boxes and Bullets Persuasive Outline

Basic Outline Format–in study packet

Alternative Outline Form

OWL–Writing Transitions

The Writing Center–Transitions

Persuasive Essay Writing Worksheet

Parenthetical Notations Information–in study packet

Quick Guide to Citing Print/Electronic Sources

Peer Editing Checklist

Research-Paper-Title-Page–in study packet

Works-Cited-Page-Information–in study packet

Easy Bib

English 12 Research Paper Rubric–in study packet

How to Give a Presentation PPT

Research Presentation Brainstorm Slides–in study packet

Research Presentation Rubric–in study packet

The Canterbury Tales Information and Assignments:

The Middle Ages and Canterbury Tales PPT

Need to Know Review Sheet–The Canterbury Tales

Rules of Courtly Love (in study packet)

The Knights Code of Chivalry and the Vows of Knighthood (in study packet)

Literary Elements Chart for The Canterbury Tales (in study packet)

The Canterbury Tales–audiobook

“The Prologue”–audiobook

“The Prologue” Study Guide (in study packet)

Characters of the Prologue–The Canterbury Tales (in study packet)

The Canterbury Tales Character Descriptions

Characters from The Canterbury Tales–Social Classes (in study packet)

“The Pardoner’s Tale”–audiobook

“The Pardoner’s Tale” Study Guide

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale”–audiobook

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” Study Guide (in study packet)

“The Knight’s Tale”–full text

“The Knight’s Tale”–audiobook

“The Knight’s Tale” Study Guide (extra credit–in study packet)

“The Miller’s Tale–full text

“The Miller’s Tale”–audiobook

“The Miller’s Tale” Study Guide (extra credit–in study packet)

Shmoop: The Canterbury Tales

The Tragedy of Macbeth Information and Assignments:

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare PPT

The Tragedy of Macbeth (entire play)

Modern Translation of Macbeth by Acts and Scenes

The Tragedy of Macbeth PPT

Characters of Macbeth (in study packet)

Literary Elements for Macbeth (in study packet)

Conflicts of Macbeth Chart (in study packet)

Themes of Macbeth (in study packet)

Macbeth Study Guide (in study packet)

Shmoop:  Macbeth

Audiobook for Macbeth

Macbeth Jeopardy

Macbeth Jeopardy 2

English 12 Short Story Units Information and Assignments:

English 12 Short Story Unit #1

English 12 Short Story Unit #1 Score Sheet

English 12 Short Story Unit #1 PPT

Comparison and Contrast Essays PPT

Comparison/Contrast Essay Info

Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay

The Writing Center–Comparing and Contrasting

Types of Papers–Compare and Contrast

Compare/Contrast Papers

Comparison and Contrast Essays PPT

The Middle Ages and Canterbury Tales PPT

English 12 Short Story Unit #2

English 12 Short Story Unit #2 Score Sheet

English 12 Short Story Unit #2 PPT

Writing a Critical Essay PPT

Writing a Critical Essay About Literature

How to Write a Critical Paper

Critical Essay Rubric

1984 Information and Assignments:

1984 PPT

1984 Information

Study Guide for 1984–Student Edition (in study packet)

1984 Symbolism Chart (in study packet)

1984 Character List (in study packet)

1984 Themes Chart (in study packet)

Sparknotes for 1984

Newspeak Dictionary

1984 (Whole novel)


1984 vs Now